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The Karaoke Log Book

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Well… took me a while…but FINALLY…I decided to give it try. One Saturday night surrounded by our friends and a really friendly KJ….I DID IT!!! And you know what ???? I wasn’t too bad! Of course I have been practicing the same song for weeks…Just about everyone including my sweetheart were very surprised. It gets easier the more you get up there. I pick songs that are in my voice range and practice a bit…but most of all  I JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

(and you know what else ??? I was totally SOBER !!!!! LOL!)

Now I have lots to write in my Karaoke Log! :)

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Karaoke Confessional

March 27, 2010

OK, so I hang out at Karaoke. I freely and fully admit it. Not every week mind you, what with working a full time job, school at night,  a kid at home, stuff like that. But every couple of weeks or so, I do end up at some restaurant and/or bar where a group of folks are enthusiastically singing their hearts out with the help of wordless music and words on a screen.
Like other situations where people show up to pursue something they enjoy, you get familiar with some of the regulars. And then they worry when you haven’t been around in a long while. They may even ask folks they know you socialize with outside of Karaoke if you are OK, and what are you up to.
You even develop a bit of an immunity to the those who tend to sing between the notes or too fast or slow/
So where is the confessional? The juicy bit you are waiting for ?
Well…deep breathe…ready?  In all those nights I’ve sat there, through song after song, clapping politely or enthusiastically for each singer…

I have yet to step up to the mike !

The idea scares the hell out of me! I guess that is why I can appreciate even the less talented singers. They have the guts to get up there and sing their hearts out!
I keep telling myself I’ll get up there when…

  • I find the right song
  • I have had the time to practice
  • I feel brave enough

Will it ever happen? I don’t really know yet. But until then, I’ll be there, applauding joyfully for everyone else!

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Introducing a new product every singer needs, The Karaoke Log Book! This little handy
book will help you keep track of your favorite songs and what KJ/Location has them. Included in the Log Book is a place to write down your Location information
along with the songs you sing there and your rating of their version. Order one today!

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This Is One Good Looking Book

Performance Versus Fun

Remember, Karaoke is all about Fun! But also remember that many people spend time practicing and love performing…be respectful of their performance and have fun as much as you can.

DON”T get stuck in a rut…No one wants to hear the same 3 or 4 songs from each person each week. Expand your horizons by trying new songs.

…And because very few people have perfect memories we’re here to help!!!

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Friday, 10 March 2006

What’s a die-hard karaoke fan to do? For many across the country, getting out to karaoke isn’t always easy; the contests are on odd nights, Robby needs help with his homework, or you just can’t find a babysitter that you’d trust your with your houseplants, let alone your precious children. For others, bad experiences in contests leave singers feeling that unless they bring both sides of the family along to vote-by-cheering, they just don’t stand a chance of winning.

Despite these difficulties, anyone bitten by the karaoke bug is stricken with a lifelong affliction called Karaokyitis and is forever doomed to seek out venues and experiences where they can satisfy the need to step into the spotlight, grab the mic, and revel in their 3.5 minutes of fame. The urge to perform is fueled by some of the world’s highest-rated television series such as American Idol, Rock Star: INXS, and The X Factor(UK). These reality shows send a strong message: You Too Can Become A Star!

Now, disenfranchised karaoke fans worldwide have new hope with the arrival of online popstar, the World’s first and only online karaoke competition. OnlinePopstar hosts a truly comprehensive karaoke contest that welcomes contestants to enter from home via a song upload, along with contests in clubs nationwide! This concept truly levels the playing field and provides karaoke contest fans a true measure of their talents on a world-wide stage.

OnlinePopstar applies universal rules to all contests it sponsors; applause will not bring home the trophy. In clubs, each patron gets one vote to cast for their favorite performer of the night, the votes are tallied and the winner is announced by the contest host. The weekly winner from each club has their song posted live on the web for the world to hear. The online contestant has just as good a chance to win the cash prizes as any other contestant; each week one online contestant advances directly to the finals. That singer is chosen by the OnlinePopstar Panel of Pros: all of whom are entertainment industry insiders with an ear for vocal talent.

After the semi-finalists are chosen by the OnlinePopstar Pro Judges, the contest is between 12 finalists, all vying for the weekly cash prize. The voting is left to a worldwide audience of fans, who may vote once per day for their favorite karaoke CyberStar. Each weekly winner wins a cash prize and advances on to the OnlinePopstar Grand Competition, where 12 weekly winners compete for their share of the $5,000 prize pool; the top five win cash!

Karaokyitis is fast becoming a pandemic as evidenced by consumer market reports of skyrocketing sales of karaoke equipment for home use and an alarming increase of orders of the CD+G karaoke discs that make this equipment worth owning. In the 25 years since it’s invention, karaoke has become a global sensation that shows no signs of waning. The advent and expanse of digital technology guarantees that online karaoke will explode in popularity. In fact, since the launch of the website in December, 2005, has enjoyed a 300% growth in membership each month.

Besides the remarkable online contest, OnlinePopstar has CyberStars, a fun and friendly interactive singer’s showcase where members can interact with one another and share information on recording software, audio setups, and chat about their favorite karaoke topics. With the arrival of, karaoke fans truly have something to get excited about!

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Karaoke microphone.
Sunday, 28 May 2006

Have you found that your family and friends really enjoy singing together? Karaoke is a method of getting everyone together, having fun, and enjoying music at the same time. Many types of clubs, bars and even fundraisers are set up for everyone to enjoy the karaoke machine. If you find that you need a little clearer sound, that the microphone that you have just isn’t cutting it for the music you play you can purchase a new karaoke microphone and get your friends back into the action fast.

A karaoke microphone, you may need more than one!

If you have a large area, a large room or a large club, you can often find that more than one singer is going to be up on stage at any given time. Alternatively, perhaps the song is going to sound just great if people are singing from different areas of the same room. A karaoke microphone is going to be on your list for purchase. You will find they are not all that expensive, and you can purchase many different types. A karaoke microphone is one that is going to give you the relief of ‘what will I do’ if one were to break or just not be able to be found. The show can still go on if you were to have more than one karaoke microphone for your set.

Step up to the karaoke microphone

If you are in the mood to sing you need to get up there in front of the karaoke microphone and let everyone know just how you feel. The karaoke microphone is one that is going to allow you to be the star, to belt that song out, to let your feelings run wild. You can do this at home, you can do it out in a club, or you can get that karaoke microphone out when you are having a holiday party and the fun will build from there. You don’t have to be a great singer to have a fun time. Children and adults, alike, love to hold the karaoke microphone and sing as loud as they can.

The karaoke microphone can be a great gift for the child on your gift-giving list. if you know someone that wants to be a singer or an actress, a karaoke microphone is one that is going to give them the ability to practice anytime that they want to get in front of that microphone. The karaoke microphone is one that is not only a child’s great gift, but one that you can purchase for the teen or the adult who loves to have fun as well. The karaoke machines will come with a few songs, but you can download karaoke music, and purchase additional karaoke music online. Sing along with the words and let the fun begin!

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Karaoke cool
Thursday, 11 March 2010

Before agreeing to one’s first KTV (that’s karaoke to the wider world) experience in Beijing, it’s important to understand: this activity is not just about singing. If anything, the music serves as more of a background din for the assorted – often preferred – amusements offered by the nation’s innumerable KTV parlors, both tiny and behemoth.

These establishments have usurped mahjong as the distraction of choice for both modern youth and middle-aged businessmen. Lifestyle pulls together a few of the city’s varied offerings so you can pick the venue best suited to your needs, be they cravings for a superstar singing career or a more literal sort of hunger.

Party World for the food

Party World is a Taiwan-based KTV chain that grew from a CD store there; it came to Beijing in the late 1990s. There are four levels to which crooners can adjust the accompanying music for each song; the so-called “magic sound” provides the best balance between microphone and speaker, while strengthening the back-up music so mic hogs can nail every note without developing vocal nodules.

But the magic sound is only one reason revelers specifically go to Party World. The stronger draw is that this venue hosts five different buffets over the course of the day, offering an appropriate range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and late night snacks, plus over a dozen types of juice and tea.

“I have lurou fan [a Taiwanese specialty of stewed minced pork over rice] every time I go to Party World, and I heard some customers go there espe-cially for the free buffet,” said Chen Peng, 26, a Tsinghua University PhD student who has been to all four Party World branches in Beijing. For many KTV junkies, the fact that Party World offers up a buffet isn’t unusual – it’s that the food is noticeably better than its competitors’. “Usually, we don’t expect high quality food or a variety of dishes at the free buffet,” user ouou commented on “Yet Party World comparatively has the best food and drinks standards.”

Price: 30 to 77 yuan per hour, depending on box size

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